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Dennis O’Rourke

Dennis O'Rourke is Chief Executive Officer of O'Rourke Petroleum. He is the son of the company’s founder, Gene O'Rourke, and has worked in all phases of the business including sales, operations, and marketing. As CEO, Dennis is currently involved in growth and consolidation strategies for the company, and provides executive support to O’Rourke’s leadership team and their efforts to grow and develop the people within the organization. 

Dennis officially joined O’Rourke in 1972. At the helm of the organization, he took the company from one small retail operation to more than 40 branded retail gasoline locations. Through a number of strategic mergers and acquisitions, Dennis guided the company towards becoming one of Shell Oil Company’s largest U.S. distributors. He was also instrumental in organically growing O’Rourke through start-ups, joint ventures, and consolidations that expanded the company’s offerings into environmental, value-added, and marine services. Over the years, both Dennis and the company have received numerous industry and supplier awards recognizing their efforts, success, and contributions.

Dennis has previously served on Shell’s National Distributor Advisory Council as well as Equilon’s National Distributor Council. He has served on the board of several businesses and is currently on the board of a nonprofit organization.

A veteran in the petroleum industry, Dennis has always believed the path to success is providing long-term, value-based solutions that make customer’s businesses and daily lives better. He is most proud of the team’s dedication to going above and beyond customer’s expectations each and every day. According to Dennis, it’s the way his dad did business back in 1932, and the way O’Rourke will continue to do business in the future.

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