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The fact of the matter is:  The majority of equipment and machinery failures are lubrication related and, more often than not, water and particulate contamination tend to be the leading cause.  But what is often overlooked is that many of those failures are entirely preventable with the proper knowledge, planning, and resources. 

Through O’Rourke’s Lubrecon, we provide the technologically-advanced solutions that extend the life of your oil and keep your equipment functioning at optimum performance…translating to increased productivity, reduced down time, and substantial savings from costly repairs and oil replacement.

Servicing four primary markets – power generation, petrochemical & refining, general manufacturing, and marine – Lubrecon offers lubricant management programs that will keep your equipment running at full capacity: 

Lubricants that can be reconditioned include:

Our certified Lubrecon experts are anxious to help you obtain maximum life from your lubricants and increase your equipment reliability.  To learn more, call 1.800.683.1331 or contact us and talk to one of our Lubrecon specialists today



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