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With today’s stringent environmental regulations, it is imperative for companies and businesses to properly handle and dispose of their used oil and other waste products. For more than 20 years, O’Rourke’s Select Environmental division has been guiding customers through the entire “cradle to grave” life cycle to properly manage, dispose, and recycle waste streams. Ultimately, this may help customers reduce cost and liability while ensuring compliance with all necessary government regulations and current SPCC guidelines

With an expertly trained staff of experienced environmental managers, we have the knowledge to safely and reliably handle your Class I and II, Hazardous Waste, and Recyclable Waste streams. Our extensive list of capabilities, services, and benefits include:

Select Environmental provides inspection, analysis, management, collection, and solutions for your hazardous waste, including:

Select Environmental also provides:

Looking for peace of mind?  Let the experts at Select Environmental help you properly manage your environmental and hazardous waste streams.  To learn more, call 1.800.683.1331 or contact us and talk to one of our Select Environmental specialists today.



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