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Emergency fuel management from O’Rourke Petroleum
Emergency Fuel Management

When disaster strikes, O’Rourke Petroleum is equipped and prepared to provide immediate response, assistance, and bulk fuel supply and management whenever and wherever it’s needed. From hurricanes, floods, and tornados to fires, blizzards, and power outages, we have a proven track record for fast, reliable delivery and an unsurpassed level of expertise in emergency fuel management. Whether it’s pre- or post-disaster relief, man-made or natural disaster, we can help devise a strategy that will lessen the impact and minimize downtime. 

O’Rourke provides emergency fuel management services and emergency preparation plans to hospitals, government agencies, utilities and communication companies, and various fleet and equipment operators. Our emergency response programs include ongoing fuel testing and replenishment to ensure generators and other emergency power supply systems are fully functional and operating at peak performance at all times.

Our emergency fuel management services and equipment solutions include:

  • Bulk fuel supply
  • Emergency generators and fuel tanks
  • Emergency fuel tank management to ensure optimum quality and supply
  • Scheduled deliveries based on consumption and utilization

With fuel readily available from both our Houston and Dallas distribution centers, along with a nationwide network of Associate Distributors, we are equipped to handle your emergency fuel needs throughout Texas, the entire Gulf Coast region including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, or anywhere across the U.S.  To set up an emergency preparedness plan, or to obtain immediate fuel relief, call 1.800.683.1331 or contact us today.


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