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Fleet fueling and fleet cards available from O’Rourke Petroleum
Fleet Fueling / Fleet Cards

Onsite or on-the-road, we’ll keep you moving

Direct/Onsite Fueling

O’Rourke Petroleum offers an efficient and affordable fleet fueling options for a variety of market segments, including construction, industrial, oil & gas, petrochemicals & refining, and transportation companies. Through our direct fueling services and our state-of-the-art fuel trucks, O’Rourke has the resources and capabilities to quickly service an entire fleet, onsite at your location. This provides valuable savings of time and labor resources, and productivity is greatly enhanced through overnight fueling options that ensure fleet vehicles are ready for operation at the beginning of each day. Additionally, while trucks are being stocked and loaded, they can simultaneously be refueled. Equally important, the burden of monitoring and tracking fuel spending and utilization is consolidated, providing numerous administrative benefits as well.

Fleet Cards

To provide customers with the most advanced fueling control options for their local or nationwide fleet, O’Rourke Petroleum offers Fleet Fueling cards affiliated with the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN). Accepted at more than 57,000 affiliated locations, O’Rourke’s Fleet Cards provide coverage you can count on with access to 3,000 CFN sites, 38,000 Fuelman sites, 17,000 Diesel locations, and nearly 20,000 retail locations. 

O’Rourke Fleet Cards offer unparalleled convenience and enormous administrative benefits, including:

  • Spend less time tracking and reconciling paper invoices, and/or reimbursing employee purchases
  • Reduce the chance of unauthorized purchases with detailed card control setting options
  • Set profiles for individual drivers, departments, or entire fleet
  • Track usage and reporting in a way that works best for you and your organization
  • Set fueling times, gallon limits, product controls, and receive “card watch” alerts
  • Obtain cards easily from O’Rourke Petroleum, with next day service available for local customers
  • Reduce overall fuel costs with O’Rourke’s negotiated fuel pricing
  • Enjoy a network of more than 40,000 CFN sites that include card locks, truck stops, and retail outlets throughout Texas, the U.S., and Canada
  • 24/7 online access to view account information

Let O’Rourke keep your fleet moving efficiently. To learn more about our fleet fueling and fleet fueling card solutions, call 1.800.683.1331 or contact us and talk to one of our fuel experts today.