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Emerald Lubes available from O’Rourke Petroleum
Emerald Lubes

Emerald Lubes is O’Rourke’s proprietary label brand of lubricants.  Developed with the highest quality base oils and additive packages, Emerald Lubes offers an alternative solution for your premium lubricant needs.  Our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the most stringent API and OEM standards.  With a highly-trained staff of Certified Lubrication Specialists, our team can help you select the Emerald Lube products that will best meet your needs, reduce your petroleum related expenses, and extend the life of your equipment.

Our product mix of Emerald Lubes bulk and package lubricants include:


Emerald Universal Antifreeze

Emerald Antifreeze 50-50


Emerald Automatic Transmision Fluid

Emerald Full Synthetic Multi-Purpose ATF

Emerald Multipurpose Gear Oils


Emerald Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Emerald Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Emerald Premium Fleet Oil (SAE 30, 40, 50)

Emerald Premium Fleet 15w40 Motor Oil

Emerald Non-Detergent Oil (SAE 30,40)


Emerald Premium Universal Tractor Fluid

Emerald Premium HP AW Hydraulic Oils


Emerald EP Gear Oils

Emerald Honing Oil

Emerald Way Lubes

To learn or to order any of O’Rourke’s Emerald Lube line of products, call 1.800.683.1331 or contact us today.