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Site Assessments

An O'Rourke Site Assessment is an industry expert led evaluation of your current petroleum management programs. There is a focus on the eight critical categories of equipment reliability as well as compliance with environmental regulations. You and your industry expert identify possible key performance indicator improvement projects and discuss best practices to be implemented. The ultimate goal is to identify ways to reduce your maintenance related downtime and costs and to maximize your petroleum dollars. 

Watch how a Site Assessment helped the Maintenance Department at an East Texas Crane Company:

To schedule your Site Assessment, please email us HERE or call (214) 304-1963.

Eight Critical Categories of Equipment Reliability

  • Equipment Optimization
  • Oil Condition Monitoring
  • Contamination Control
  • Storage and Handling
  • Training
  • Standard Procedures
  • Product Application
  • KPI Planning

Features and Key Benefites of a Site Assessment

  • Complimentary consultation from an industry expert with rapid feedback
  • Confirmation that the right lubricant is used in each application
  • Best practices and improved opportunities identified
  • Potential for improved component life and increased equipment reliability
  • Potential for reduced maintenance costs
  • One-on-one lubricants training for your reliability team during the walk through
  • Evaluation of petroleum and industrial waste streams
  • Environmental regulation and compliance evaluation
  • Fleet fuel management consultation